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Primal Therapy in Australia Today

Primal Therapy has been practised in Australia (Melbourne) for over 30 years.

Although we practice from Janovian principles we have evolved over the years due to the paediatric work of the late Dr John Spensley. We have also incorporated aspects of Colin Ross’s Trauma Model, John Briere’s Complex Trauma Model, Ellert Nijenhuis’s work on dissociation together with inner child work.


There is now much evidence to support intrinsic emotional processing through re-experiencing of past painful experiences as an inherent form of trauma processing. This is true for any trauma including traumas that occur before birth, during birth and throughout childhood.


Many people who are suffering do not define their childhood as traumatic and this may stop them from considering primal therapy as a therapeutic approach. Trauma as we define it includes not only specific events (e.g. before or during birth and early childhood) but also chronic lack of love and healthy parenting from conception onwards. We define this as Attachment Trauma.


It is within this framework that we support people to access their feelings and build confidence in the feeling process.


Our Approach

Primal Therapy Australia has been created as a feeling facility; a safe place for you to feel.


Our approach is gentle; we provide a non-judgmental environment which encourages you to take control of your therapy journey.


We have found that when beginning primal therapy it is essential that people go at their own pace and access their feelings gradually. Feeling safe with the therapist and having a degree of trust with the emotional processing will in time provide access to the deeper feelings.


We also believe that feeling work must go hand in hand with psycho-education as this helps you understand what happened to you, why you feel the way you do and the process that you’re going through in therapy. Over time, this is very empowering and further contributes toward safety and healing.


If you are interested in finding out more about primal therapy and if it is the next step for you, please contact us to make an initial appointment. 

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Primal Therapy Australia

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“Primal therapy has been a refuge from the scariness that pervaded my life.” 


—  Janine B

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